Why shop Vintage/Consignment?

Let’s start with the obvious one that it is a whole lot cheaper. Buying clothes new (there are exceptions) is much more expensive. I have bought so many amazing pieces for at least half of the retail price. I found a Versace dress that retails for $700 and bought it for $75 brand new. That is just one example obviously it’s not much of an everyday outfit but you can find such amazing things in thrift stores if you just take the time to look. The post I did about the red dress was a vintage find and I am so in love with it. 

I also know that some people don’t live in an area with awesome thrift shopping, I do a lot of mine in Idaho which isn’t the best area for awesome finds. However, I do have a Goodwill that I love and can usually find a couple things I like. If you think though that all the thrift stores in your area suck, I like to use this website called ThredUp. Its an app on my phone and you can just search through all the different kinds of clothing they have from the comfort of your home. They have things that are brand new with tags, designer or normal clothes. I also love to send my old clothes to them, it is super easy and I receive a credit that I can use to buy more clothes!

Another reason thrifting is my favorite way to buy is because you find unique and interesting pieces that nobody else has. I always hate (especially true when I was in high school) seeing so many people wearing the same clothes. I know for me it makes me feel good when someone compliments something I am wearing and I get to tell them I found it at Goodwill, they are always so shocked.

Going shopping is always a fun thing no matter where your going, but I find I enjoy going to stores that you have no idea what you could find. It is something that you can do with your friends and make a day out of who can find the coolest items at different thrift stores. I know my friends and I really enjoy going thrifting and it’s something we can go do whenever we feel like it.

Some pics of  me trying on the outfits I found!

I know everybody has their reasons for loving or hating buying used, but I think there is something for everybody everywhere and you never know what you could find. It’s something that is good for your wallet, style, and the environment!


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