My Smoothie Recipe

      The smoothie that I make consists of about eight different products. I use these same ones pretty consistently unless I have to substitute something out for another. Its super easy to make considering the hardest part for me is fitting it all into the blender. Also its a healthy breakfast or snack and you can adjust it to how you like!


First I put in a banana, I like to put all my fruit at the bottom, and I just rip it up in to pieces.

Frozen Fruit

Next is frozen fruit and I like it to be frozen because then I don’t have to put ice in my smoothie! Life Hacks. Anyways this mix is the tropical fruit medley and it has mango, papaya, pineapple and strawberries. The frozen fruit always changes depending on what we have sometimes its a berry mix.

Protein Powder

I use the Vega Organic Protein, I like it cause it’s a plant-based protein that doesn’t contain any soy. But you can use whatever kind of vanilla protein you like the best.


So I usually use spinach for this, but when I made this recipe we didn’t have any so my alternative is the Vegan Defense Greens powder. I don’t prefer to use this cause it doesn’t taste the best and has a very strong smell of wheatgrass and hay or something. But when I’m out of spinach its not like the worst thing in the world to use instead.

More Health Powders!

The last few things I add are Cordycep powder because it helps with your  immune system and liver function, and improves your stamina. Then chia seeds because they are a good source of omega 3’s, and fiber and iron. Lastly is the nutritional yeast, which is a good source of B-complex vitamins. And you can’t even taste any of these, I add them for extra benefits.

You made it to the end! The last thing I add is almond milk to texture, I like my smoothies runny so you can actually drink it, so I add a lot of almond milk. But that part is all personal opinion. I hope you enjoyed!


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