First Post Ever

The jacket and pants are both from H&M, which is where most of my clothes will come from be prepared. The shoes are from target which is another place I visit frequently. And the shirt is from Zara, and the purse is Michael Kors, which is linked for your conivence.



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  1. Auntie di says:

    I love your clothes you are just such a beautiful young lady you know how to put clothes together for sure but in the one with the red coat I couldn’t see your head it was not on the picture is that what it was supposed to be you would like some of my old bags that I’ve had from well I’m 69 and I got them from my mother-in-law so ya how old they are very beautiful shape and they are quaint haha you’re going to do awesome you’re so beautiful and gifted Talent much happiness hugs an love

    • berlynneumann says:

      Thank you so much! But yeah the photo is supposed to be framed like that haha. And yeah vintage bags are the best, those are my favorite types of bags. They have so much more character.

  2. Dorene Diamond says:

    Love your pictures Sweetie. You are so beautiful❤️